Year after year, carbon monoxide takes about 200 lives in America and puts about 5,000 more people in emergency rooms for treatment, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). The risk is often unnecessary and can be prevented easily.

Lots of people wonder what carbon monoxide is and how it gets into homes in the first place. Basically, when carbon-based fuels such as gas, oil, kerosene, or wood burn, they produce gases. When fuel combustion or burning isn’t complete, carbon monoxide enters the air. The CPSC offers advice that carbon monoxide detectors are a great way to alert yourself or other family members to the presence of toxic gas in your residence.

If you or someone else in your family wake up at night with a strong headache or another family member is unreasonably difficult to wake up — get out of the house as fast as possible and seek medical help.

If you don’t want to risk it or suffer unnecessarily, our experts recommend that you have carbon monoxide detectors installed in your home! It’s easy.

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