Your plumbing system brings fresh, potable water into your Washington, MO home and routes waste and wastewater to the municipal sewer main. Without it, the health and habitability of your living environment would rapidly decline. Notwithstanding, countless consumers put plumbing repairs off when they really shouldn’t. Whether trying to save money with do-it-yourself fixes or simply making do without major fixtures or functions, we offer 10 solid reasons to schedule plumbing repairs right away.

1. Many Warranties, Home Insurance Policies, and Mortgage Lenders Require It

When taking out home mortgages, consumers enter into lengthy, detailed contracts with mortgage lenders. These mutually binding agreements state what each party can and cannot do. They also state each party’s responsibilities.

Letting even minor plumbing issues spiral out of control could lead to damaged baseboards, drywall, flooring, and sub-floors. It can also set the stage for persistent mold and mildew problems, decreased market value, and diminished marketability. To prevent homeowners from unintentionally or intentionally devaluing their properties, most mortgage lenders require repair services whenever major problems arise and impose stiff penalties for non-compliance.

Both home warranty companies and home insurance companies have similar stipulations in their contracts and policy documents. To preserve the coverage that these agreements supply, you must give serious plumbing problems urgent attention. Failure to do so could lead to future claims denials, delays, or the outright loss of these protections.

2. DIY Repairs Can Cause Far More Harm Than Good

DIY plumbing fixes don’t always work, especially over the long term. Using the wrong tools and techniques can force obstructions deeper into your plumbing system, cause severe pipe damage, or turn a simple blockage into a messy overflow. DIY plumbing repairs can also void your product manufacturers’ warranties.

3. DIY Plumbing Fixes Can Be Dangerous

The most common tools for DIY plumbing repairs are low-cost, store-bought drain cleaners. These caustic or corrosive solutions eat through soft, organic masses of debris like build-ups of soap scum and hair. However, their fumes can cause eye irritation and respiratory distress if work areas aren’t well-ventilated. Store-bought drain cleaners can also cause serious eye and skin burns, even after they’ve been diluted by adding them to standing water. Worse still, when chemical drain cleaners don’t fix clogs, they can stay trapped in plumbing systems indefinitely while eating through both built-up debris and pipe materials indiscriminately.

Certain plumbing problems pose serious electrical hazards. Burst pipes and malfunctioning appliances that are close to active outlets and wires aren’t safe to inspect or fix without first taking the necessary precautions. Plumbers can determine when and how to resolve issues like these without sustaining injuries or damaging any affected or nearby systems or structures.

4. The Problem May Be Far Larger Than It Initially Appears

You might think that you’re dealing with a single clogged commode or just one or two dirty and foul-smelling drains. However, frequent drain blockages and overflows are often signs of problems at the outdoor sewer line. Successfully plunging a toilet or a clogged sink might get the affected drains moving right now, but it won’t do anything to prevent the whole-house backup that could be looming in your future.

When you have serious or recurring drain problems, it’s best to schedule an urgent plumbing service. Your underground sewer line may have been encroached upon by tree roots or weeds or it could be blocked by build-ups of “flushable” wipes and other solid or slow-degrading items.

5. Plumbing Problems Create the Perfect Conditions for Dangerous Pathogens

Dirty drains and drain backups are rife with biological and chemical contaminants. This is especially true when dealing with standing black water or gray water. When waste stops flowing toward the municipal sewer system and starts backing up into your home, leave repairs in the hands of seasoned professionals. Doing so can prevent chemical burns, digestive upset, and eye, skin, and general infections and can protect your property.

6. Timely Plumbing Repairs Protect Your Home’s Value

Minor leaks can have a major impact on your home’s worth. Although you might think that your plumbing problem can make it through the weekend, your flooring begs to differ. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), just 10 drips a minute could waste up to 500 gallons of water a year or nearly 1.4 gallons a day. Delaying repairs could mean saturating the surrounding building materials and creating the risk of warped floorboards, mold troubles, and more. Savvy home buyers know how to spot the tell-tale signs of delayed plumbing repairs. Savvy home inspectors do too.

7. Professional Plumbing Services Are Often Cheaper Than the Alternatives

The potential costs of calling an emergency, after-hours plumber are what drive many homeowners to DIY repairs or delayed scheduling. However, when you consider the possibility of losing warranty protections and other coverage, paying to replace damaged building materials out of pocket, or compounding your plumbing issues with the wrong tools, emergency plumbing services are cheaper than the alternatives.

Save on Urgent Repairs With Preventative Maintenance Plans

You don’t have to pay a fortune for professional plumbing support. With a plumbing preventative maintenance plan, you can get one whole-house plumbing inspection each year, discounted repairs, priority scheduling, and discounts on holiday, weekend, and after-hours support.

8. Plumbers Are Properly Equipped to Both Solve and Prevent Problems

Another major challenge in tackling plumbing problems on your own is finding and obtaining the right equipment. After you’ve exhausted the possibilities with your plunger, you’ll likely need professional-grade tools. Our plumbers arrive with fully stocked trucks. We have all of the equipment we need for diagnosing problems, fixing them, and preventing their recurrence. When you work with us, you won’t have to make harried trips to the hardware store, search for the right capabilities and specifications, or spend money on products that you probably won’t use more than once.

9. Prevent Pipe Ruptures

With winter temperatures in Washington often at or below freezing, there’s always the risk of having indoor or outdoor pipes frost over. If your pipes freeze, contacting a plumber before defrosting them could help you avoid the need for multiple pipe replacements. Although running water and using hair dryers and warm towels are all effective defrosting techniques, certain pipe materials and pipes that have already sustained significant age-related wear could require professional attention. We apply even and steady heat to frozen pipes and we use tools that are compatible with the needs and nuances of specific pipe materials.

10. Enjoy Less Stress and a Safer, More Comfortable Living Environment

Among the best reasons for scheduling professional plumbing service is being able to get your life back to normal. No one wants to shower while standing in gray water or walk past commodes that can’t flush their malodorous contents down. All building residents want the assurance that their drinking, cooking, and bathing water is safe and clean.

When urgent plumbing problems are left to fester, there’s always fear that a household resident or guest will use and flush the wrong toilet, turn on the wrong tap, or activate a jammed garbage disposal. Having our plumbers identify and resolve the underlying causes of your plumbing woes will give you peace of mind and a more comfortable, convenient living environment.

We offer outstanding air conditioning, plumbing, heating, and indoor air quality services. We also provide geothermal services and 24-hour emergency HVAC repairs. To sign up for a Comfort Club maintenance membership or schedule urgent plumbing repairs, contact Level 9 Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing now.

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