Most homeowners are reluctant to purchase a new air conditioning system, and there’s a perfectly good reason for that. Buying and installing a new AC is an expensive home project. That is why most air conditioning systems these days are built to last for about 15 to 20 years. The older ones, though, tend to last closer to 10 to 12 years, and their efficiency diminishes as they approach the end of their life expectancy. Eventually, a replacement system will be inevitable.

Prior to purchasing a new air conditioner, however, you might wonder when is the best time to do that and have it installed. What are the factors you should consider? Different homeowners have different needs, of course, and this decision will largely depend on yours. One thing is certain, though. Waiting until your current unit finally fails completely isn’t really your best option.

Long before you start shopping for a new air conditioning system, you should take a moment to think the timing of it over. This article will help you determine the best time to purchase an air conditioner at the best price possible.

It Costs to Procrastinate

Most cooling systems give us warning signs that they have seen better days. One of the first indications is that your AC simply doesn’t cool your home as effectively and evenly as it once did. Perhaps you have hot and cold spots. Maybe the system cycles too frequently without ever getting the entire space cool. These are signals that your air conditioner is less efficient than it once was, and that is costing you money. Have you seriously looked at your utility bills lately? Are they much higher than they should be?

It’s true that a new unit is a significant investment, but it’s also a wise one. Modern air conditioning systems are much more energy efficient, and a replacement would start saving you money the first month you operate it. That helps defray the cost of the purchase. From that perspective, the sooner you buy a new AC, the better.

Buy Before Your Old AC Dies

If your air conditioner keeps breaking down and you keep calling an HVAC technician to fix it, that’s another sure sign you should buy a new one sooner rather than later. Everything spent to keep old cooling equipment limping along could be better applied to purchasing a new system. There’s a simple rule of thumb to bear in mind. When repairing an old system will cost you approximately 40% of the price of a new one, it’s time for the replacement. Waiting until your current unit quits completely will only limit your options. An AC always fails in the summertime, and then, you’re under the gun. You know how hot it gets in St. Louis.

The age of your system is another major consideration. If your current equipment is more than 15 years old, it’s probably on borrowed time. Use that time to shop.

Schedule Installation to Coincide With Construction

If you’re remodeling your house, you should consider simultaneously buying and installing a new AC unit to replace your existing one. Home renovations sometimes involve months of reconstruction. It would make sense to get everything done at once, and the scheduling would allow you to take advantage of the seasonal pricing discussed below.

When you buy a newly built house, you can choose everything from the ground up, and that includes a new air conditioning system that suits your household’s needs. This is an ideal time to install the AC you want. With all the other real estate considerations, just make sure you take time for this important matter.

If you’re purchasing a pre-owned home that has an older HVAC system, make sure you have it thoroughly inspected for mold, rust, worn-out parts and damaged ductwork. This is your opportunity to role the cost of the AC purchase into the overall negotiations. Later, you’ll be glad you did.

In any of these scenarios, you’ll probably want to consult with qualified HVAC professionals to advise you of your options. Reach out to Level 9 Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing for an expert recommendation.

Buy Your HVAC System During the Off-Season

Summer is obviously the time of year when people in the St. Louis area use their air conditioners the most. Manufacturers know when a product is in the highest demand, and they tend to price it accordingly. Consequently, summertime is probably the most expensive season in which to purchase a new cooling system. Spring is better, and you won’t feel as much pressure to get the chore accomplished. Fall is better yet. The swelting summer temperatures have gone down, and so have the prices. You might even find a really good deal on excellent equipment. After all, no one else is really thinking about it because they’re starting to feel cold. Manufacturers and suppliers sometimes lower the costs of the units to clear their stock and make room for new models.

There’s another component to this seasonal logic. Summer is also when air conditioners tend to break. That means that HVAC professionals are swamped by service calls and repair emergencies. They’re often so busy during this time of year that it’s hard to schedule discretionary work like replacing a customer’s AC with an upgrade. If you think about it, you’ll realize they’re pretty busy in the winter as well. The best time to schedule your AC installation is in the spring or fall. Your technicians will thank you, and they’ll have even more time to focus on your particular concerns.

Rely on Conscientious Experts for Assistance

Purchasing a new home cooling system is a big investment and not one you should take lightly. There are many things to think about. What type of equipment do you want and need? Correct sizing is vitally important to operational efficiency. You should carefully look over the warranty. And, as we’ve seen here, the time to buy and install the system is another key factor. If your AC unit does not need urgent replacement, take your time to do all the research this purchase requires. You should also inquire about discount offers and investigate possible rebates or tax incentives for upgrading your unit. Compare prices to help you make an informed decision and save money. Then, choose the ideal time to have the equipment installed.

You’ll want some friendly expertise to help you with the process, and at Level 9 Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing, we provide clients with both that and excellent cooling equipment. We install top-notch air conditioning systems for our customers in Washington, St. Louis and the surrounding areas, and we’ve been doing it since 1975. In fact, we perform a complete range of indoor air quality, heating and cooling installation, maintenance and repair. Count on us for your geothermal needs as well. Here’s another important point to keep in mind. To make things as easy for you as possible, we offer affordable financing on AC installations to customers with approved credit. Contact us at [company name] today and schedule an appointment for an estimate or a consultation.

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