The purpose of the Level 9 A/C System Clean & Check is to measure and improve the efficiency of your A/C system. It will help you get the maximum comfort for the minimum money.

Plus, maintenance helps extend the life of your system. That saves you money as well.
Here’s what you’ll get once we complete our Spring Maintenance Clean & Check:


All connections are confirmed good, wires are tight, battery is new.
An improperly calibrated thermostat will call for more or less cooling than you want. The former will cost you money, the latter will cost you comfort.

Return and supply is unrestricted

Better airflow means your system doesn’t have to work as hard. That saves you money now. And over the lifetime of the system, it can add months or years to the life of the system.

Humidifier is off

The humidifier makes your A/C work harder. So, it needs to be off during the humid warm months.

Condensate drain is open and draining

A clogged condensate drain can cause severe water damage as well as increase indoor humidity levels.

Air Filter is new

Proper airflow increases efficiency and comfort and prevents premature system failure.
We replace standard throwaway filters free of charge. We clean electronic air cleaning cells and pre-filters with detergent, free of charge. We will replace large, high efficiency media filters at current prices with customer approval.

Evaporator coil is clean

Grease and dirt build-up reduces system efficiency. And a dirty coil can cause condensate water leakage and damage to the property.

Blower is clean and lubricated

Proper adjustment and cleanliness of blower and components are necessary for adequate airflow.
Motor bearings require semi-annual lubrication to reduce friction and wear. The blower wheel must be clean to deliver proper airflow. (Some motors do not require lubrication.) And they must be cleaned to prevent overheating.

Condenser is clean of dust, dirt, grime, and mold

Just like the evaporator coil, when grease and dirt build up, it reduces your system’s efficiency.

Exterior electrical components are tested, and connections are tight

Loose connections can cause an improper voltage to various components. And that can damage your system, cost money, and lead to a premature failure of your system.

Temperature drop tested and recorded

This test verifies your total system efficiency. By measuring the amount of temperature drop throughout your system, our technician can verify whether or not your system is performing like it should.
If we find that it isn’t working correctly – even after cleaning and adjusting – then we can pinpoint the source of the problem and recommend the best path to repair.

Operating pressure tested & recorded

Improper refrigerant charge – too much or too little – can damage your compressor and create higher-than-necessary electric bills.

Compressor amperage tested and recorded

We’ll make sure your system will start and operate when needed. This will help assure that you get maximum life out of your system. Improper amperage can reduce significantly the life of the compressor, evaporator, and condenser motor.

Outdoor coil is clean, and fins are clean and straight

If the fins are clogged or bent, it reduces airflow. That’s why we clean and straighten them. Foreign material on the condenser coil reduces the system’s capacity to remove heat and increases energy usage.

Exterior Fan is clean and free of debris and brush

Lubrication of outside the exterior fan motor will extend its life, making it less expensive to operate.

What We Include in the Clean & Check

Level 9’s comprehensive A/C system Clean & Check consists of 14 efficiency and safety tasks.
1. Thermostat: Visually inspect wiring. Confirm that wiring is tight, make repairs as necessary. Replace batteries.
2. Return and supply: Verify that return and supply are unrestricted. Advise the customer if restrictions exist. Volunteer to move item(s) if appropriate or advise the customer to move items.
3. Humidifier: If the customer has a humidifier, turn it off for the cooling season.
4. Condensate Drain: Check condensate drain for blockages. Clear if restrictions exist. After cleaning, confirm it is draining properly.
5. Filter:
• If it is a 1” filter, replace it no questions asked.
• If it is not a 1” filter, inform customer that it needs to be replaced, give them a price, obtain their approval to replace it, and then replace it.
6. Evaporator coil: Clean if you find dust, mold, grime, or dirt.
7. Blower: Clean if you find dust, mold, grime, or dirt. Replace components as necessary. Lubricate the blower motor unless it’s a model that requires no lubrication. Test and record electrical specs. Repair if necessary.
8. Condenser: Shut off power, remove debris inside and around condenser, wash condenser with condenser cleaner, rinse condenser.
9. Exterior electrical components: Tighten loose connections and replace frayed connections. Restore power, allow condenser to dry.
10. Temperature drop: Measure temperature drop across evaporator coil. Check freon level using sub-cooling for txv system, superheat for piston, adjust as necessary (+/-3 degrees). Record result.
11. Operating pressure: Test operating pressure for proper refrigerant charge. Record results. If additional refrigerant needed, notify customer, get approval for additional cost, and add necessary refrigerant.
12. Compressor amperage: Test and confirm amperage on motors. Record result.
13. Outdoor coil: Clean and straighten fins if bent, dirty or blocked.
14. Exterior Fan: Verify proper rotation of fan. Check for signs of bearing failure. Remove trash & brush from inside and around fan. Replace panels and covers. Place sticker on system and record data on sticker.

As the costs continue to rise, make sure that you are taking the time to care for the important HVAC equipment in your home so that you can keep your family comfortable all year long!

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